Why on-demand tutoring apps?

Why on-demand tutoring apps?
Why on-demand tutoring apps?


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Truly on-demand tutoring apps are a rare phenomenon, even in today’s rapidly growing tutoring market. However, if you do find one, it can be the most effective way for your child to get academic help.

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What is a truly on-demand tutoring app?

Truly on-demand tutoring means that students can go from struggling with a question to getting 1:1 tutoring help in minutes. No finding a tutor. No waiting for days or weeks to finally get help. Student get the help they need, when they need it. It’s that simple. After all, what use is help that arrives days or weeks after it’s needed?

Why are parents and students increasingly searching for on-demand tutoring apps?

We highlight a few reasons below:

Instant Help

While many sites claim to provide “on-demand” tutoring, they simply allow students to find a tutor who might be able to help in the future. Students must still wait days or even weeks to actually get help from the tutor. As a result, students do not get the help they need at the point when they need it.

The best on-demand tutoring apps get students help in minutes. This means that students can go from struggling on a problem to getting personalised, 1:1 help in minutes. This not only prevents issues from snowballing and becoming large ones over time, but also helps students learn more effectively while their questions are still fresh in their minds. We think there’s no better way for students to learn, and our academic advisory board certainly agrees.


If there’s one thing people today constantly crave, it’s convenience. It’s why Amazon, Uber and Deliveroo have all become huge successes. But while getting your Poke Bowl delivered to your doorstep in minutes might be nice, getting 1:1 academic help in minutes is even nicer!

With on-demand tutoring apps, students can get help whenever, wherever they need it without any scheduling or logistical issues. So whether it’s on the bus, the night before an exam or on holiday abroad, students can always get help fast.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Virtual whiteboards, instant messaging and virtual rewards are just a few of the features that on-demand tutoring apps provide students. Not only does this make the learning experience more fun, but it also keeps students engaged so they develop a love for the subject. After being taught in a school classroom for the entire day, it can be great for students to have an entirely new learning environment.

Consistent High Quality

The best on-demand tutoring apps vet and train their tutors extensively to ensure each student receives the same standard of high-quality help each time they have a question. This allows students to focus on learning as opposed to spending hours online choosing which tutor might be the right one for them.

Personalised Learning Experience

On-demand tutoring apps allow students to get 1:1 tutoring help at the touch of a button. Students can go as fast or as slow as they need to understand a topic, without having to worry about asking questions that might slow the rest of the class down. All tutoring happens via app, so students don’t have to be self-conscious about asking “silly” questions or worry about a tutor peering over their shoulder as they struggle with a challenging problem.

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