19 May
Jul 2024
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Enter the world of Polkadot

Take a deep dive into the Polkadot ecosystem and discover the unique world of Kusama. In these challenges, we'll also introduce you to parachains, a concept unique to Polkadot!

What you’ll learn

What Polkadot is and what problems it solves.
Introduction to how parachains work, what purpose they serve and how you can start interacting with them.
How to develop on Polkadot, parachains and the projects that make up Dotsama!


Where can I download the EasyA app?

Simply head to your App Store and search for “EasyA” (or https://links.easya.io/links/gotoapp to get the app!). Yep, it's that simple! EasyA is available to for you to download on iOS and Android.

Are there rewards for learning?

You bet! Depending on the challenge, you'll unlock special prizes ranging from NFTs to tokens to travel scholarships as you learn and progress. You'll also get special access to our amazing IRL events all over the world.

Does the app cost anything?

Nope! We don't charge anyone to learn with us. All of our challenges, app features and IRL events are (and will always be) 100% free for everyone.

Is the app available outside the US or UK?

Yep! EasyA is live on most app stores for you to download.

I'm not technical. Can I still do the challenges?

Of course! Our challenges are designed to be applicable to users of all levels. Whether you're completely new to coding or you're a seasoned dev, you can start becoming a blockchain hero today!

Hear it from our users

"On behalf of the entire team here, we wanted to extend a sincere thank you for all of your support during the earliest stages of the Lockbox. The two hackathons we did last semester were monumental in turning a random late-night idea into a functional MVP."
Jeremy, Harvard University Student
Harvard University
"Thanks for the incredible event to bring together people from different backgrounds and provide a platform for stimulating discussions and ideas! 🙌"
Vivian, MIT Student
"Crazy vibe at Polygon x EasyA's London hackathon. Just look at the long lines. Still so happily surprised everyday how truly global Polygon has become. Onwards!"
Sandeep, Polygon Co-Founder
Polygon Technology
"Polygon's first student hackathon in London was a BLAST! 🔥 Many more to come, all over the world. 🦄💫"
Mihailo, Polygon Co-Founder
Polygon Technology
"Saying hi to the (insanely long) line for the Immutable x EasyA hackathon in London."
Robbie, Immutable Co-Founder
"I wish I was a dev so I could go to an easyA hackathon 😭"
Milly, Immutable Senior Developer Growth Manager
"That’s when I met Phil and Dom for the first time, that was a life changing event for a lot of people 😊"
Claude, Tezos Developer Relations
"Amazed by the quality of projects. These students are legendary. Salute to the Builders 🫡🫡🫡"
Raza, Scroll Developer Relations Lead
"Shoutout to EasyA for putting on an incredible hackathon at Harvard 🫡 Bullish on Dom, Phil and the EasyA team 🔥"
Max, Helika Analytics Head of BD
"It all started with an EasyA Hackathon"
Kashyab, Northeastern University Master's Student
Northeastern University
"Can't think of hackathon without Kwok brothers and EasyA. Can't wait to see you again in Boston."
Berhanuddin, Northeastern University Master's Student
Northeastern University
"Thank you EasyA for the sessions, prizes, goodies and what not! Means a lot. It is due to your events that we learn so much, interact with VC's and industry professionals. Thanks again for the event guys! Hopefully we'll get to meet at the next event."
Dheeraj, Northeastern Grad
Northeastern University